Equipment and Diagnostic Tools

Our Philosophy is simple:

Inspect * Correct * Protect

We use the best technology and methods to inspect and address your mold problems. The first and most important step is to provide an accurate mold assessment. We use the following equipment and processes:

* Thermo-Hydrometer-

Records ambient temperature and relative humidity of each room, closet, and area to establish above normal (greater then 60%) moisture content within ambient air.

* Protimeter Moisture meter Scans -

Indicates relative moisture of building materials up to one inch deep: used along walls, floors, ceilings, and other building materials.

* Protimere Moisture meter Point Measurements -

Indicates actual percent of moisture at the surface of building materials. Three readings will be taken and the average percent of moisture will be calculated from the areas of concern, including windowsills, and walls with plumbing.

* Boroscope Fiber Optic Device -

Used to visually assess hard to reach areas of space within wall cavities.