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At Citiwide Restoration, we provide comprehensive water damage clean-up and restoration for both property (residential) and business customers (Commercial). Our trained and professional technicians can accomplish this in a prompt manner to prevent any more damage from taking place. We're following standards set by organizations that are leaders in industry, such as the Institute of Assessment Cleaning and Remediation Certification (IICRC). When you call us, you can assure you will be comforted in such a time of stress and that a skilled and compassionate worker will assist you in every action of the process of restoring your building, from the intake call to managing the insurance claims.
After a flood, each clean-up and restoration project presents its own set of requirements and techniques. We have experience in lots of types of cleanups, both large and little. There is long shot we will not have the ability to respond to a job in the Miami location due to the nature of the task. Every client's home is provided a comprehensive assessment when we arrive at the property and quotes are offered. This specific technique permits us to offer the best service for each and every circumstance, versus charging flat rates for all calls or using other practices which might lead to unneeded charges or work that is not total because the description does not fit into any category pre-determined on a work order.
We have a wide variety of devices to help us in the cleansing and repair of your home. In addition to getting rid of water from the structure, there are other jobs often necessary to ensure it remains in functional living or working conditions. Even when the last drop of water has dried, we take the extra actions of taking on the existence or potential of mold, staying wetness and humidity, dealing with staying microorganisms that may breed illness, and deodorizing to remove any unpleasant smells.
Flood damage is not only a trouble to handle financially. It can wreak havoc on your health. It's often hazardous to expose yourself to particular types of flood water, such as sewage. Depending upon where the water has originated from, a relatively small flood might bring chronic and long-lasting illness in the form of allergic reactions and infections, specifically if there are those who compromised body immune systems who occupy the structure. Even healthy individuals can succumb to this, as well as animals. It's simply not worth the danger. You ought to leave the job to a professional.

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Residential and business clients can rely on us for detailed water damage clean-up and restoration. In addition to our cleansing and repair work devices, we also have a vast array of other tools at our disposal. There are often other jobs needed besides getting rid of water from the building to ensure it remains in practical condition for living and working.
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